Why So Many Automakers Use Bendix Brakes

Brakes are one if not the most important parts of a vehicle. You literally can’t leave home without it. It is good to understand what kind of brakes are being used on your vehicle or what is the most recommended brake for your vehicle. A car’s braking system would depend on different your master, caliper and lastly, your brake pads. Now, usual master and caliper brake parts come with the car and they have passed all the tests for safety and quality. The pads, however, have a lot of replacements.

Why invest in brake pads?
Spending money on brake pads will always be a good investment. Buying brands like Bendix would be highly recommended. Why? Amongst the parts of your car’s braking system, your brake pads are cheapest one to buy. If you chose a different brand or a cheaper brand that’s not recommended, you might end up damaging your discs or even the master. Once those other parts are damaged, you are looking at a hefty price to get new ones. It is not advisable to repair them because they should be wear and tear parts but there are some of us who tend to go to a machine shop and get them repaired. It works but at the same time, it does not cost as much. However, this is not recommended because of a hairline mistake on how the parts should be repaired with being catastrophic to the driver.

Why Bendix?
Bendix has been in this industry for quite some time and they have proven themselves time and time again. From a simple day to day use and even to car racing, they love using this brand. One reason that is very obvious to most users would be because of the materials that were used on these pads. Compared to other pads, it has the capacity to increase your braking power and it lasts longer without damaging your discs. Usually, if you go for more braking power, you have to sacrifice durability with some of your parts, but no with this. You get to enjoy the benefits without sacrifice.

How Much Money Can You Put Into A Lively HSA?


There are millions of Americans who can quality to contribute to health savings accounts or HSA, but only few of them actually take advantage of the tax-benefits provided by this savings and investment account. Maybe some may not have realized the extent of the benefits it can provide. Here’s are some information about HSAs in 2018, and why their exceptional benefits has made them as one of the most tax-advantageous account type compared to the rest.

How much amount can you put in an H.S.A.?

There are H.S.A.s that allows contributions of as much as $3,450 for coverage under individual health classification, while for the a family health classification it is at $6,850 per year, Once you have reach 55 years old you can add $1,000 to your contribution to catch-up on getting more funds. But with this most recent lively HSA, they have a simpler and cost effective method for everyone. As a matter of fact, their basic HSA is free for individuals and also under family coverage. They just require a monthly of $2.95 per employee and $2.50 per month to invest for employers.

You may wonder if HSA is the same with F.S.A.

Though both are into investing, the biggest difference between them is that with HSA, you are not required to spend all the funds that are in your account every year, or any amount at all. In fact, you are even allowed to carry over all unused balances you have each year to the next year and year after year for that matter.


This lively HSA has such an unbelievable deal for a contemporary and built-in product that was made to answer the needs of consumers including their saving, spending and investing desires. And to top it all, it also has the three tax benefits that all HSA are benefiting.

Places To Look For Work When You’ve Been Convicted Of A Felony

Looking for a job is difficult, much more if you have a background that will affect how employers look at you. People who have been convicted of a felony usually gets rejected a lot of times when applying for a job. However, there are still a lot of companies and brands that accept and do not discriminate against people with a background of a felony. Here are some of the jobs and places you can go to for a job opportunity.

Small Hard wares
There are a lot of opportunities in small hardware. You can apply as driver, or shipping and receiving clerk, inventory agent and many more. Usually, small hard wares only want to fill in the positions available and would not have the time and budget to run deep background checks. As long as you prove to them that you are hardworking and committed, they should be able to hire you.

Work agencies have a lot of connections which are also looking for a lot of employees ranging from security guards to construction workers. These agencies may come with a cost but they will surely find you a job that is fit for your skills and will also help you get a job without judging your past.

Online freelance websites
SEO writing, document proofreading, graphic designing, online marketing and photo/video editor these are only a few of the many available online freelance jobs. Freelance employers do not usually care about your background, as long as you have the skills needed for the job and you can finish the job properly within the deadline, they will continue hiring you and paying you for your services.

There are so many jobs available for everyone, even for people who were convicted with a felony. They just need to have patience in looking for the perfect job and employer for them.